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Introducing PTX… Dux Personal Training.

We LOVE our Crossfit community, we love our team spirit and we love our class atmosphere.
PTX is NOT replacing any of the above… PTX is only adding.

Get the most out of your fitness with private one-on-one training sessions, booked online, with a trainer of your choice. These sessions are NOT related to the daily WOD. These sessions will look at your movements under a microscope, analysing your performance from a foundational level upwards. After an initial assessment, your trainer will work closely with you to make sure that you are getting the MOST out of your training.

Simply book online with your desired coach with their available time via the website… Pricing & bookings coming soon.

Things to expect from PTX.
– Movement screening
– including whole-body range of motion.
– Identification of strengths & weaknesses
– explanation of underlying causes.
– A 6 week accessory program specifically tailored to your needs
– your own personal “virus training”.
– Follow-ups and ongoing support from your trainer.

Semi-private training (up to 3 people) also available for OLY Lifting & Gymnastics personal training.