Unlimited CrossFit Classes, $210 per month Direct Debit.

*Note – using direct debt will incur a small monthly fee of $1.10 for every debit card and $4.40 if you wish to use a credit card for your debt. We obviously encourage using a direct debit over the credit card option to help avoid extra fees.

There are no contract terms associated with the direct debit. Your anniversary date will be the first day you start training with us and your payments will be processed 1 month in advance. At CrossFit Dux, we have NO sign-up fees, NO cancellation fees and NO administration fees.

Additional family member – 10% discount ($189/mth)

Police, firefighters and paramedics – $185/mth

Drop in session – $20 or buy a shirt

Membership Holds

Membership holds are only available for more than 4-weeks and require notice 7 days via email before the corresponding payment.

*Please note, All public holidays, Easter, Christmas and New Years holidays are factored into your fees and no pauses for this time will be processed or approved. If you want to stop your membership for one month then please follow the details as listed above.

Dishonour payments (unsuccessful EZI debit payment) will be charged at $20.00 per dishonour and your membership will be placed on hold until payment is rectified.

10 Session passes are available for shift workers & fly in/fly out members only… $175 with a 3-month expiration.

On-Ramp Program

The On-Ramp program is $150 for all 3 sessions, to be paid on arrival of the 1st session. This is perfect for those who are new to CrossFit training. Please contact gregg@crossfitdux.com or call 0407 115 073 (Gregg) to book in your first session.

Alternatively, Start Here

CrossFit Visitor / Drop In’s

We enjoy drop in’s, although we need you to have at least 3 months experience at an affiliate. Drop in’s are $20 per class or $65 for a weekly pass. Please drop us an email to give us the heads up gregg@crossfitdux.com  that you are coming.

If you like our club then buy our shirt to represent back home.